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Tips for Using EPLAN

You can enter the data through You DO NOT go to the login shown at the top/middle of the screen. You will need to select the second text in the lower left corner for Submitting online "Eplan Online Filing (TIER 2)". Once you click on the "Create a new Submission". You will be taken to a screen where you enter your own password AND repeat, put in the submitter name (that is you) and an email address (required).

Immediately write down the Access ID at the top of the page. 1000xxx. This ID and password are one per facility (not per user.)

On the page called "Submission Home" you will see three boxes down the page. The first box is how you edit the current data, select "2006" from the drop down and Continue. The second box allows you to copy one year to the next year and the third box allows you to import data from Tier 2 Submit if you have already done electronic data.

To start with a new Facility, you will enter basic company data first, after you get through this screen basic data is available for "Users" to see. From Submission HOME: Please select the appropriate box, most likely the first one, the drop down for '2006' and Continue and then you will start with "ADD A NEW FACILITY", NEW CONTACTS, THEN NEW CHEMICALS. ALL CHOICES ARE AVAILABLE NEXT TO THE FACILITY NAME at the Top Right.

Hint: To get a Lat and Long (the lookup feature of many gps web sites will provide this) One sample is:

"A1-Address Matching" is probably the most accurate choice for "Method for Determination"

After "Continue" on the Facility Information you can now EDIT the Facility. On the Facility EDIT you need to select the second tab to enter the SIC code and the D&B Codes. On the Documents tab, you can upload DOC, JPG, or PDF documents (such as maps or facility Emergency Plans.) Selecting FILING MANAGEMENT will take you back to the working page.

Next you should "Add Contacts". On the Contacts page you must have at least two "Owner/Operator" and an "Emergency Contact" (this is as required on the paper copy). Select the Phone type and number (xxx-xxx-xxxx) then Add as many numbers as you would like. Select Filing Management to add another.

Next you should "Add Chemical" for each product on your Chemical list in the document. Enter the chemical name then Lookup, usually from the drop down you can select a good choice. If not, edit the search and try again. Second choice, enter the CAS without dash's and select from the list. The CAS should be available on your MSDS if you have questions. Although the sections titled Physical and Health Hazards have a red star, you should closely evaluate, but if these do not apply, no checks are needed. You may need the Specific Gravity to calculate the Weight of the product. If So, you can open a new Internet Explorer Window, at perform a Chemical search and get a profile for many chemicals, within the Physical Data you can find the Specific Gravity (SG x 8.34 lbs/gallon of water x gallons in your tank= Weight in lbs of the product.) After you "Continue" you will be taken back to the "Filing Management" Screen. Now you can EDIT the Chemical. Only the second time into the chemical provides tabs at the top of the screen. You must add the Storage Codes and Locations in order to complete each chemical, the second tab "Location Information" allows you to add the Storage Codes and Descriptions.

On the "Submission Home" Page , your choices are to "Export Data", use this to create an electronic copy. "Validate" must be used to check for errors. If there are any errors, correct each one. When you have "Passed" the validation, print this screen for your records of submission for the County, local Fire Department and New York State Office of Emergency Management. You may print the text of this web instruction to show that Erie County and the Fire Department are accepting this as filing for 2007 Report Year (Reports due March 1, 2008). We also recommend printing the PDF of the Tier II Document. Please check it, have the appropriate person in your facility sign it and keep documentation in your file for future compliance reviews by agencies such as the EPA.