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Self Insurance

The Self-Insurance Department performs support services for Warren County and the Towns within the County. These services include:

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Injured Worker benefits administration, as per the NYS Workers' Compensation Law, Volunteer Firefighter Benefits Law and the Volunteer Ambulance Workers Law for the entities participating in the Self-Insurance pool. Including payment of medical claims, wage loss, and awards in a timely manner; representation of the County at all Workers’ Compensation hearings; referral of injured workers to rehabilitation specialists; advising workers of their rights under the Workers’ Compensation Law; assistance with loss control and risk management and preparation of each participant’s yearly appropriation.

Disability Benefits

Benefits administration as per the NYS Disability Benefits Law, for non-work related disability for County employees. Including payment of wage loss claims and advising workers of their rights under the Disability Benefits law.

Property & Casualty Insurance

Administrative guidance to County departments regarding the commercial property and casualty insurance program, including facilitating premium billing, reviewing schedules, providing claim forms and securing data for commercial insurance applications.