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211, 511, 911 Who do you call when?



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United Way 2-1-1 is the 3-digit number that anyone can use to obtain information and referrals about non-emergency health and human services in our 12-county region.

United Way 2-1-1 Northeast Region is always online at:

Learn more about United Way 2-1-1 health and human services in our 12-county region.

What is 511?

511NY Get Connected to Go is New York’s official traffic and travel info source. Whether you drive or take public transportation click below for precisely what you need or simply dial 511 on your phone. Wherever you're going, 511NY is here to get you there.


When and How to use 911

Remain Calm!
Answer the dispatcher’s questions regardless of how unimportant they seem.

Typical Questions:

Where? Location of the emergency (not your location)

What? Describe what happened (calmly)

How? How the incident happened (mechanism of injury)

Who? Is the person a family member (medical history might be more familiar)

When? Recent vs. Non-recent (6 hours or more)

Life-saving instructions may be given, while waiting for emergency responders. Do not hang up until the operator instructs you to. Understand that during a crisis time seems to creep by very slowly, what is just a few minutes could seem like 15 minutes.

911 should only be used for fire, medical or police emergencies. The dispatchers should not be used for non-emergency information gathering.