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Extension Services

Cornell University Cooperative Extension is a non-formal educational organization which provides programs based on the needs of the county while linking unbiased research based information from Cornell University. The information provided is used to improve lives and communities, increase economic vitality and enhance environmental quality. Local programs for individuals, youth and families include those that promote the following: positive relationships between parents and guardians and their children; optimal health; natural resources and water quality; wise energy use and 4-H youth development through real life, hands-on learning.

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources: The quality of our lives is dependent on our environment. Research based educational programs are offered to promote good stewardship practices. Good stewards of the land consider all components of our natural resources i.e. water quality, forestry, wildlife, fishery habitats, soils, and recreation.
  • Through the consumer horticulture program, we enable the public to manage their homes, yards, and gardens more effectively with an emphasis on environmentally friendly practices. The Master Gardener Program is a key link in helping accomplish this mission. Master Gardeners are volunteers who we train to teach others how to manage their yards and gardens more successfully using fewer pesticides.
  • Family Issues encompasses the parent education, nutrition education and the campership programs. Programming includes a variety of parent education opportunities such as classes for those who are experiencing a separation or divorce, sessions for fathers who want to learn how their involvement contributes to the well-being of their children, trainings for parents of teens who want to understand why the teen brain isn’t more like an adult’s, and classes on building family strengths especially for those who are having extreme difficulty in their parenting role.
  • The Nutrition Education Program includes the Eat Smart NY program, a collaborative effort and pass through program with the Warren County Dept. of Social Services. This program teaches food stamp recipients how to use their food stamps wisely to build healthy and economical diets. The goal is to provide knowledge and skills to families to improve healthy food habits and to assist them in becoming more self-reliant. The general nutrition education program also provides consumers with unbiased information for understanding food and nutrition issues.
  • The Warren County Campership Program is a residential camping experience for children between the ages of 9-14 who are economically disadvantaged, are experiencing a limited family life or have other special circumstances. Each year approximately 100 children enjoy a one week camping experience where they have fun in a safe and relaxing outdoor environment. Youth have opportunities to interact with positive role models, make good decisions, increase self-esteem, make new friends and develop skills. Referrals can be made by any agency, organization or department.
  • 4-H is one the largest, most widely recognized programs in the world and is the youth development outreach program of the United States Department of Agriculture. Youth learn leadership, citizenship and life skills through 4-H. In Warren County programs are delivered through three primary means:

    • 4-H Clubs: a group of five or more youth (ages 5 and in kindergarten through 19) working together under the supervision of a trained volunteer. Clubs may vary in interest and program content, some focus on a specific area, others may do activities that range from art to science. Clubs exist in many communities of Warren County, however, additional leaders and members are always sought to expand this program.
    • Special Interest: these programs are established to meet specific needs or deliver specific educational content are generally stand alone programs and do not continue throughout the year. Examples include the Warren County 4-H Adirondack Guide program which teaches youth about map and compass use, camping skills, wildlife science, and other skills related to the NYS License Guide test and 4-H Shooting Sports which delivers skills like firearms safety, sound decision making, and conservation ethics.
    • School Enrichment: these programs are delivered at the request of a teacher and may be one or several sessions long. Unlike the other programs delivered, these programs will fill the requirements of the NYS Educational Standards. Programs may vary and can range from agricultural topics to bicycle safety education.