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Warren County Department of Motor Vehicles

The Warren County Department of Motor Vehicles serves as agent to the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles. For all information about the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and its services, kindly visit the department's website at: The site is extensive!

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE:  MONDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY   8:15 A.M. – 4 P.M. Click here for appointment website.

County Clerk - Pistol Permit - DMV Update:  10/31/2022


WARREN COUNTY DMV:  We are a full-service Motor Vehicle Office – Please be prepared and bring all required documents and forms when coming to the DMV for your transactions!  The Warren county DMV offers convenient appointment and walk-in services.  Please note:

  • HOURS:  M-F 8:15-4:00, except legal holidays.
  • APPOINTMENTS:  8:15-4:00 Monday Thursday Friday  For the most timely transaction processing!  Please schedule appts. at:  Check out transaction requirements when scheduling.  Bring all documents!  Arrive 5 min before.   Note:  Most available same or next day…but remember…they do fill quickly.  Appointment Kiosk available at DMV entrance – hall corridor.  It is easy to make your appointment! User-friendly!
  • WALK-INS: Tuesdays Wednesdays, 8:15-4:00  Available (may experience some wait times) for all transactions EXCEPT any permit tests: Driver, Motorcycle, CDL which still require appointments. Be prepared! Bring all documents!   Note:  DMV Discretion:  In the event of complex transactions, DMV has discretion to re-schedule a walk-in to an appointment time. A mutually agreeable time will be selected.
  • Security Officers will direct all to the DMV; also will offer direction to appointment kiosk if needed.  
  • Be prepared with all required documents and forms.  This will save you time and eliminate a return trip. Info available on appointment schedule or NYS DMV website. 
  • To ensure adequate customer seating, please limit additional parties coming with you to the DMV unless need is demonstrated (ie:small children, elderly). Social distancing maintained.  
  • Telephone contact:  (518) 761-6438  (8a-4p).  Questions or help with appointments, please call and leave a voice message:  Name, telephone, best time to call back, DMV matter.  Our volume is high but we are returning calls throughout the day!!! 

WARREN COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE:   A return to our pre-Covid Hours! In person hours: M-F   8-4 (See specific services) =

  • Recording & Filings:  M-F   8-4; (Account Reconciliation begins promptly at 4). 
  • Passport Services: M-F 9-3 Available at walk-in counter for new applications,  renewal info, renewal photos.  Due to US Passport Services photo requirements, we are unable to provide photos for infants under age 2.  Note:  renewals are sent by mail, not given to the County Clerk.  US Passports continue to experience delays. Check with DOS Passport website:  Regular time 8-11 weeks.  If time-sensitive, expedited service recommended ($ 60 additional):currently approximately 7 weeks. All processing times subject to change. 
  • Record Room Research: 8-4
  • RSC/Archives:  Email: Request appointments thru email for public research.
  • Historian:  Email: ; (518) 761-6544 for arrangements (M & W).
  • We continue to use E-Recording, E-filing (mandatory), Drop Box and Mail. Convenient & Timely.

5 million pages of Public Records (Deeds, Mortgages, DBAs, Open Supreme Court files)  are available online 24/7.  Follow prompts


  • Due to high volume activity, we continue to experience delays in processing. We appreciate your patience.  Total time for new permit process:  6+ months. To check status, please allow 12 weeks before calling. References must be prompt in responding; no 2nd notices given.
  • All visitors must check in at Clerk’s Office before being directed to Pistol Permits office; includes those with appointments. Appointments required for confidential services;

NOTE:  To all who purchased application packets prior to 9/1/2022 and have not yet turned them in, please make an appointment by October 31, 2022 to have paperwork reviewed for current status/compliance.

  • Deputy available at  (See info below)
  • All Fees:  cash or check
  • Warren Co. Pistol Permit Webpage- Under Reconstruction. 
  • See NYSP website: for new 2022 Pistol Permit Info, FAQs, Recertification, Mandatory Safety Course info.
  • Pistol Permit Open Services: No appointments required for the following services:  M-F 8-4  Processed at Clerk Front Counter: 

Application Packets:$10. New Eligibility Information, Instructions, New application Forms:  Pistol/Revolver and Semi Automatic Rifle Application

Semi Auto Rifle Endorsement: $8  (for existing permit holders,  amendment and printed card with endorsement)

Amendments-Add/Delete:1 or 2 add/deletes, $3 per firearm; bring your receipt.

Address Change in Warren Co.: $3 fee

Name Change: $3 fee; bring proof of change (marriage certificate, driver’s license)

Lost/Damaged Permit Replacement Card:$5

Request to Remove Restrictions: $8 (amendment & new card-duplicate); Pay when at Counter; card mailed when approved by Judge.  If necessary, update to current address ($ 3). 

Transfer Out of Warren Co.:Bring payment of $5 per county, total $ 10.                                             

  • Pistol Permit Confidential Services:  Appointments Required  Hrs. M, W,  9-1,  2-3 (lunch break 1-2); Friday:  9-12.  Deputy extends based on availability/office discretion.
    Add/Delete Firearms: 3 & more must be by appointment.  Bring in bill of sale/receipt from Dealer; $ 3 per firearm. 
    Co-Ownership:To co-own with another Warren Co permit holder. $ 3 per firearm; must have notarized letter of agreement from owner.
    Transfer In to Warren Co.: You will receive call that transfer paperwork is ready. Bring current permit and $ 12 for  new photo.
    Application Submissions: Bring all completed forms with valid ID;Photo taken $12 fee.  
    Approved Applications:Bring approval letter; electronic signature, print, photo will be done  at no fee.    
    Upgrade Paper to Plastic Card:  Bring Green Paper Card, $ 17 fee.


Bear right as you enter the property, follow signs for County Clerk-DMV Public Parking.

The parking lot is handicapped accessible with designated parking spaces and ramp.


(518) 761-6438: (8am - 4pm) Leave Name, Telephone, and brief message. 

Please note: we are experiencing extremely high volume at this time. We will try to be as timely in our return calls as possible.


Full-service windows; also Dealer, and Welcome Window (intake, scheduled tests and all appointments).

Drop Box for DMV. Kiosk for most popular forms and manuals.

NEW HOURS: 8:15 - 4:00 Monday - Friday, except legal holidays.

All transactions by appointment which can be done online at:

See Appointment information. NOTE: Plate surrenders, walk in or dropbox.

Popular DMV Forms:


  • Cash
  • Check (pre-printed with telephone numbers, payable to: "Warren Co. Clerk"
  • Credit Cards:
    • VISA
    • Master Card
    • American Express
    • Discover

On behalf of the entire staff at the Warren County Clerk's Office and Dept. of Motor Vehicles, please know that your cooperation as we return to our new normal is  greatly appreciated. Rest assured, we will do our very best for you. Be Safe, Be Well.

Pamela J. Vogel, Warren County Clerk (5/4/2022)

And remember - Each transaction processed at Warren County DMV generates 12.7% in revenue for Warren County!