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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department helps the County purchase, maintain, administer, program and troubleshoot the technology that helps the County succeed. Specifically, the work includes;

  • Purchasing and installing computer hardware and software, striving to acquire aggressive pricing and to standardize the installed base of technology;
  • Installing, administering, maintaining, and troubleshooting computer networks and servers, to keep the County "up and running";
  • Installing and maintaining the technology infrastructure including cabling, routers and switches;
  • Updating and repairing the PC's, peripherals and similar hardware;
  • Maintaining the e-mail system;
  • Creating and maintaining a large installed base of custom programmed software application systems;
  • Serving as the County's technology Help Desk for computer issues;
  • Protecting networks from virus, hacking and other abuse by implementing and maintaining appropriate firewalls and security software/hardware;
  • Helping staff in choosing, installing and using the packaged application systems;
  • Maintaining broadband Internet access;
  • Educating the staff on computer and software operation;
  • Maintaining the County's web site;
  • Performing Disaster Recovery tasks including backup;
  • Working as technology consultants and business analysts for the County department heads and staff as they strive to function in an effective and efficient manner.