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Records Storage Center & Archives

2013 Bicentennial Celebration


The Records Center and its Records Management Program

The roots of Warren County's Records Management Program are easily traced. From the purchase of a microfilm camera in 1950 to the opening of the Records Storage Center in 1963, officials held true to their intent to positively meet the responsibilities associated with the care, protection and preservation of the public record.

Our current program, rededicated in 1990 with full-time staffing, is fortunate to have had a strong foundation on which to build. Today's facilities now include:

  • Records Storage Center - Four fire-resistant, secure vaults with capacity for 14,000 cf of inactive and archival records.
  • Information Center - Full-service for patron access, research and reference. Equipped with computer stations, microfilm reader-printers, computerized and manual indexes, copier and fax!
  • Disposition Center - For processing, shredding, recycling of obsolete records. A confidential and environmentally-sensitive program!
  • Archival Supply Room - An asset for our Conservation and Preservation Program
  • Administrative Office - For the behind-the-scenes duties of the entire operation!

In addition to our own local support, the above efforts have been fully supported and encouraged by the New York State Archives and Records Administration and its Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund. Since 1991, Warren County has been the recipient of over $800,000 in funding to address our records management needs. Among these have been a completed inventory of all county records, the establishment of comprehensive microfilming program, imaging programs, and the development of online and database resources to facilitate public access to records. Last but far from least, we are most proud of our successful archives management program which has had as it's focus the arrangement, cataloging, and preservation of permanent, archival records dating from late 1700's to the present. We invite you to "click" on our Archival and Map Collection pages! These are a direct result of our special grant-funded projects as well as our long-term records management commitment. Enjoy!