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Hours scheduled for visitation are listed by the inmates housing unit assignment below.  It is the responsibility of the inmate to inform visitors of their assigned unit and associated times of visitation.  Visitors are encouraged to arrive at the facility 30 minutes prior to the start of visitation for identification and processing.  Visitors are accepted until 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the posted visitation time.  At that point no additional visitors will be accepted.

A-Pod: Saturday @ 1:00 PM, Sunday @ 8:00 PM

B-Pod: Saturday @ 9:30 AM, Sunday @ 5:30 PM

C-Pod: Saturday @ 5:30 PM, Sunday @ 9:30 AM

D-Pod: Saturday @ 8:00 PM, Sunday @ 1:00 PM

Dormitory: Saturday @ 9:30 AM, Sunday @ 5:30 PM

Linear: Saturday @ 9:30 AM, Sunday @ 5:30 PM

Visitation Rules

  1. Visitors must provide adequate photo identification unless their identity is known by the correctional staff. State or Federal issued photo identification with date of birth are the only acceptable forms of identification.
  2. Lockers are provided for visitors in the correction lobby to secure items not allowed within the visitation room.
  3. Visitors will be screened by a magnetometer prior to entering the visitation room.
  4. Visitors and inmates will conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times with voices maintained at a moderate level.
  5. Visitors and inmates will wear proper clothing.
  6. No photographic or recording devices shall be permitted.
  7. Visitors and inmates are not permitted to pass or transmit any material objects from one person to another.
  8. Visitors under the age of 18 will not be permitted to visit unless accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.  Legal guardian is defined as and adult to whom a court of law has granted legal authority and responsibility for providing care for the child, the child's assets or both.  A guardian need tot be a relative of the child and may be required to produce evidence of legal guardianship.
  9. At the direction of the Tour Supervisor all prospective visitors may be PAT SEARCHED solely to ensure the absence of contraband. Pat Search is defined as a search by hand of an individual and articles worn while the individual is clothed.
  10. If a prospective visitor is unable to attend a scheduled visitation period, an inmate's time may note be saved or changed to another time period.
  11. While in the visitation room, all visitors are required to remain seated in the area designated for visitors.
  12. Inmates and visitors, to include infants, are allowed one brief kiss and embrace at the beginning and end of each visit. Infants are to remain in the physical control of the visitor, either on their lap or held in their arms.
  13. Young children must be kept under control at all times. They are not allowed to sit on the counter top or floor. If a child or infant becomes disruptive, the visit may be terminated.
  14. Inmates and visitors are allowed to hold hands over the partition during visitation.
  15. Once a visitor has exited the visitation room they may not re-enter during the same visitation period.
  16. Inmates may lose the right to visitation and/or a specific visitor if the inmate or visitor is found in violation of facility policy, state/federal law or statue.
  17. Visitors whom appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to visit.
  18. Visitors believed to have a potentially detrimental effect on the inmate or constitute a threat to the safety and security of the facility will not be permitted to visit.
  19. The Warren County Correctional Facility reserves the right to refuse or terminate a visit which is prohibited by a court order including orders of protection.