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County Attorney

The County Attorney is the legal advisor to the Board of Supervisors and every officer whose compensation is paid from County funds in all matters involving an official act of a civil nature. The County Attorney prosecutes and defends all civil actions and proceedings brought by or against the County, the Board of Supervisors, and any officer whose compensation is paid from County funds for any official act, except as otherwise provided by other law. The County Attorney is also the Warren County designated privacy officer under the Federal Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In connection with Family Court matters, the County Attorney's Office is the Presentment Agency for juvenile delinquency petitions and is routinely the Presentment Agency for schools and parents in connection with petitions or persons in need of supervision.

Finally, the County Attorney deputizes attorneys in the Social Services Department to perform duties on his behalf in connection with the work of the Social Services Department.