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Victim Assistance Program

Manon Affinito

Michaela Choppa
Crime Victim Specialist

A Message to all the Citizens of Warren County:

Through generous funding of the New York State Office of Victim Services and the Warren County Board of Supervisors, the Victim Assistance Program was established in 1997. The program has experienced and trained victim specialists who helps crime victims through the criminal justice system. The crime victim specialists strive to ensure that the needs of crime victims in Warren County are served by providing coordinated services that address the physical, emotional and financial needs of victims and their family.

Without You… There Can be No Justice!

What are the rights of victims of crime?

  • To be treated with dignity and compassion
  • To be consulted about prosecution
  • To be provided with information on Judicial proceedings
  • To be heard at sentencing and parole hearing
  • To be free from harassment and intimidation
  • To speedy recovery of personal property
  • To receive restitution at the Judge’s discretion
  • To be informed and provided assistance with NYS Office of Vicitim Services applications

We offer numerous free of charge services including:

  • Office of Victim Services Compensation

    • As a victim of a crime, you may be eligible for Compensation benefits from the NYS Office of Victim Services.
    • The Victim Assistance Program can provide information and application assistance to persons wishing to file a claim.
    • New York State Office of Victim Services
  • Court Assistance

  • Inmate Information

  • Social and Crisis Service Referrals

    • Referrals are provided to counseling agencies, shelters, housing programs, legal aid, emergency food referrals, support groups for victims.
Informational Telephone Numbers
Warren County Departments
District Attorney’s Office (518) 761-6405
Victim Assistance Program (518) 761-6475
Sheriff’s Office (518) 743-2500
Other Helpful Numbers
NYS Office of Victim Services (518) 457-8727
New York State Police (518) 745-1033
Glens Falls Police Department (518) 761-3840
Warren County Mental Health (518) 792-7143
Warren County Domestic Violence (518) 793-9496
24 Hour Toll Free Hotlines
Victim Advocacy Services 1-800-771-7755
Warren County Domestic Violence (518) 793-9496
NYS Child Abuse 1-800-342-3720