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“Return the Favor” Rules & Conditions

  1. Identification Cards (photo ID) are issued to honorably discharged Veterans at no fee by the Warren County Clerk. Requirements: 1.) Veteran must be a resident of Warren Co. 2.) Must have Military Discharge (ie: Discharge) in hand or recorded in the County Clerk’s Office. Card contains program name, veteran name & address, photo, service branch & verification; county contact info; patriotic background. Surviving spouse eligible with deceased veterans’s DD 214, and marriage certificate.
  2. If a Veteran cannot locate his/her military discharge (DD 214 or WD AGO 53-55), please contact Warren County Veterans’ Services, Director Denise DiResta, to assist: (518) 761-6342.
  3. Veteran/Cardholder presents Warren County Veteran ID card at participating businesses to receive discount.
  4. Discount is available to the Veteran/Surviving Spouse cardholder only. Card is not transferable.
  5. Businesses may choose to honor other military id’s (active, Reserve/National Guard, retired or disabled Veterans) or official documentation, if presented. Please Note; Many counties now offer this program and are issuing cards to veterans. We hope that all enrolled businesses will honor all veteran’s discount cards.
  6. “Return the Favor...Thank You For Your Service” discount is not combined with any other discounts, sales or offers (unless approved by business owner).
  7. Discounts may exclude certain merchandise or services.
  8. Discounts may change or cease at any time, at the discretion of each business. Businesses must notify the Warren County Clerk promptly in order for program information to be updated.
  9. For updated Business Enrollment lists, check the “Return the Favor...Thank You For Your Service” page.
  10. Program Underway: Memorial Day 2011 Official start!

For further information/questions, please contact the Warren County Clerk’s Office: (518) 761-6427 or Warren County Veterans’ Services: (518) 761-6342.

  • Pamela J. Vogel, County Clerk: Email Pam or call (518) 761-6427
  • Denise A. DiResta, : Email Denise or call (518) 761-6342

Reminder to our Veterans!!!! Please be sure to check on your Military Discharge and if not recorded with the County Clerk, please be sure to get an original and submit for recording! It’s free! And, be sure to check with your local Assessor for Property Tax Exemptions, too!