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Waterfront property owners urged to use de-icing equipment safely


Warren County asks waterfront property owners to ‘de-ice’ correctly

WARREN COUNTY, NY – Warren County is asking those who own or maintain waterfront property in the county to make sure that any equipment they install to control ice is used properly.

Ice eaters and lake bubblers protect waterfront property from damage when ice goes out in the spring, but they can also create hazards for those who frequent our frozen lakes and ponds during the winter.

The death last winter of a dog that fell into open water on a northern Warren County lake has led to concerns about whether lake de-icing equipment is being used incorrectly in some instances, endangering those who fish, snowshoe, ski or snowmobile on ice as well as potentially leading to property damage.

Warren County is asking those who use lake de-icing equipment to make sure they are following device instructions and best practices as outlined here on a new website created to highlight the potential issues raised by ice eaters and bubblers.

This website, and a companion print brochure, were created after Warren County Planning & Community Development and the Warren County Administrator’s Office were enlisted by a group of concerned Warren County residents to produce a “safe de-icing” educational campaign for property owners.

The Warren County Board of Supervisors approved occupancy tax funding for printing and mailing of the brochure.

Mike Geraci, the Town Supervisor for the Town of Horicon who helped lead the educational effort, said: “This county-wide initiative is the direct result of a creative private/public collaboration among citizen advocates passionate about safety on our frozen bodies of water and talented staff members of the Warren County Planning and Community Development Office and Warren County Administrator’s Office. I thank my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors for supporting and promoting this public safety endeavor.”

Dave Wick, Executive Director of the Lake George Park Commission, who has been involved with the project, said: “This is an important initiative to help improve public safety on lakes in the wintertime, and to help reduce the significant amount of annual ice dock damage that results from improper use of ice control units. Our thanks go to Warren County and the local citizens who spearheaded this project.”

Waterfront property owners in Warren County will receive a copy of the brochure in the mail in the coming weeks. The educational website can be found at

Property owners are asked to notify those who maintain their docks to check to make sure that their bubblers or ice eaters are being used properly.

Warren County thanks property owners for their efforts to make our frozen winter waters safer for all users!