Haskell Collection: Summary of Contents of Volumes

**Please note that when there are any references to specific titles or documents, those references refer to that section of the book or document that specifically refers to that family only.

Volume 1 Dean Lines I

Volume 2 Dean Lines II

Volume 3 Dean Lines III

Volume 4 Dean Reference I (1-25)

Volume 5 Dean Reference II (A-N)

Volume 6 Dean Reference II (O-Z)

Volume 7 Dean Reference III (16-65)

Volume 8 Dean Reference IV (93-239)

Volume 9 Dean Reference (240-294)

Volume 10 Dean Reference VI (295-357)

Volume 11 Dean-Hoag Data

Volume 12 Dean Marriage Index

Volume 13 Paternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume I

Volume 14 Paternal (WTA Gonseth)Volume II

Volume 15 Paternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume III

Descendants of Isaac and Thankful Morehouse

Volume 16 Paternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume IV

Continuation of the Morehouse Lineage

Volume 17 Paternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume V

Volume 18 Paternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume VI

Volume 19 Maternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume I

Volume 20 Maternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume II

Volume 21 Maternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume III

Volume 22 Maternal (WTA Gonseth) Volume VI

Volume 23 Royal and Ancient Lineages

Volume 24 Low Andrews (Campbell)

Correspondence between Bruce Campbell and David Haskell concerning Sarah Dean from 1958-1961.

Volume 25 Edwards (Thomas)

Records and correspondence by David Haskell concerning the families of James, Joseph and Henry Edwards.

Volume 26 Fornsworth, Judd, Pullen, Sithes

Documents, notes and correspondence from David Haskell concerning the above families.

Volume 27 Adams

Notes from research and correspondence from the Haskells on the Adams family.

Volume 28 Talbot

Notes on the Brown-Moon family. Correspondence between the Haskells and Margaret Talbot concerning the Carter family , Daniel Harris

Volume 29 Harris Lines I

Volume 30 Harris Lines II

Volume 31 Harris (Allied Families) I

Volume 32 Harris (Allied Families) II

Volume 33 Harris (Allied Families) III

Volume 34 Harris Reference (1-12)

Volume 35 Plainfield Church Records

Volume 36 Plainfield Deeds

Volume 37 Harris Reference I (14-50)

Volume 38 Annis

Annis, Hill, Slorah, Smith, Holland families.

Volume 39 Hack, Phebe A.

Volume 40 Original Data

Results of searching vital records in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts

Volume 41 Original Data

Results of searching vital records in Connecticut

Volume 42 Original Data

Results of searching vital records in Warren County, Washington County, Chenango County, and New York State Library

Volume 43 "New York Genealogical and Biographical Record"

Volume 44 Notes on Fish (the animal)

Mr. Haskell was employed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as an engineer for the State fish hatchery.

Volume 45 Notes on Fish (the animal)

Mr. Haskell was employed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as an engineer for the State fish hatchery.

Volume 46 Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, 1958-1964

Thirteen periodicals from the Society.

Volume 47 Harris Reference IV (51-75)

Volume 48 Harris Reference V (76-125)

Volume 49 Harris Reference VI (126)

Barbour Index

Volume 50 Harris Reference VII (127-175)

Volume 51 Harris Reference VIII (176 - 243)

Volume 52 Harris Reference IX (244-257)

Volume 53 Cameron Family of Warren County, New York by Gloria Bailey Jackson

Volume 54 Harris and Thomson Genealogy by WTA Gonseth

Ancestors and Descendants of Benjamin and Lucretia (McGuire) Harris With an Addenda Containing Much Other Data Concerning Harris Compiled by Winifred (Thomson) (Argersinger) Gonseth, 1948

Volume 55 Gonseth (WTAG)

Letters between Mrs. Gonseth and the Haskells from 1957 - 1965

Volume 56 Camerons from Gloria Bailey Jackson

From William Cameron of Scotland to 6th generation Camerons

Volume 57 History of Stony Creek Volume 2 (surnames Abbey-Fuller)

Early Creek Families who arrived prior to 1880

Volume 58 History of Stony Creek Volume 2 (surname Gill - White)

Volume 59 History of Stony Creek - The First Hundred Years

1771 through the 1860s by David C. and Edythe L. Haskell, 1998

Volume 60 Alexander Dean of Oakham, Mass. And Luzerne, NY (1764-1839 and Some of his descendants Compiled by Edythe L. Haskell, 1980, Revised 1986

Volume 61 Revolutionary Pensioners: A Transcript of the Pension List of the United States for 1813, Baltimore: Southern Book Company, 1959

Volume 62 Revolutionary War Pension Applications Index A-G

Volume 63 Revolutionary War Pension Applications Index G-M

Volume 64 Revolutionary War Pension Applications Index M-S

Volume 65 Revolutionary War Pension Applications Index S-Z

Volume 66 Census of Revolutionary War Pensioners, 1840

Volume 67 Index of Awards of Soldiers of the War of 1812, NY Adjutant General's Office

Volume 68 Report of the Warrensburg War Committee 1861-1865 (Photostat)

Volume 69 Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Vermont

Volume 70 Military Lists of the Civil War from County History and Lewis Waddell

Volume 71 Military Records of the Sick in the Civil War, Town of Stony Creek

Volume 72 Allen References

Volume 73 Smith Line

Volume 74 Mead Line

William Mead line b. 1597-1600, England. Some descendants eventually settled in Chestertown, Warren County.

Volume 75 Meads

Volume 76 Mead References (1-50)

Volume 77 Mead References (51-)

Volume 78 Scribner

Volume 79 Norton

Parker Family

Gleason Family

Nelson Family

Volume 80 Norton

The Norton Family Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Norton (1772-1854) of Rupert, VT and Warren County, NY Compiled by Gerald James Parsons, MS (LS) Fellow, American Society of Genealogists, 1976

Volume 81 Stony Creek Harrises

Harris Line from Charles b. 1772 to Halsey b. 1874

Volume 82 Nortons of New England

Norton Line from George b. 1629 to Elizabeth b. 1653

Stiles Family

Barlett Family

Younglove Family

Hart Family

Volume 83 Mowry

Potter Family

Earle Family

Walker Family

Carr Family

Clarke Family

Inman Family

Johnson of Roxbury

Volume 84 Browns of New England

Beginning with Charles Brown of Suffolk, England born in 1687 to Edythe Louise of Stony Creek born 1910.

Volume 85 Brown (New England) Allied Families

Volume 86 Brown (Warren County) Allied Families

Volume 87 Ancestor Charts

Volume 88 Northeastern New York Genealogical Society Newsletter - The Patents

From November, 1983-December, 1987

Volume 89 Northeastern New York Genealogical Society Newsletter - The Patents

From January-February, 1988-November-December, 1992

Volume 90 Northeastern New York Genealogical Society Newsletter - The Patents

From January-February, 1993-November-December, 1996

Volume 90A Northeast New York Genealogical Society Newsletter - The Patents

From January-February, 1997-July-August, 2003

Volume 90B Northeast New York Genealogical Society Newsletter - The Patents

From January-February, 2004-September-October, 2007

Volume 91 Morehouse

Notes on Samuel Morehouse and Descendants

Volume 92 Morehouse (New England)

Lineage from Thomas of Wethersfield, CT d. 1658 to Elizabeth b. 1702

Volume 93 Morehouse (Warrensburg)

Volume 94 Morehouse (Warren County)

Volume 95 Dean Family Notes and Pictures (New York Folk Quarterly)

Lineage from Alexander Dean 1764-1839 to Elexander b. 1839

Lineage from Abigail Dean

Lineage of the Phelps family from Joel Phelps 1759-1836

Lineage of the Johnsons from Thurman

History of Oakham, MA

Dun/Dunne and Harper Families

Volume 96 Goodnow (Warren Co.)

Lineage from Stephen Goodnow b. 1765 to Charles Goodnow b. 1874

Volume 97 Goodnow (New England)

Lineage from Thomas Goodnow b. 1608 to Jane Goodnow b. circa 1652

Families of Colister, McCollister, Wilson, Rice, Fairbank, Dix, Lee

Volume 98 Detroit Society for Genealogists, Fall, 1956

Descendants of Isaac and Thankful Morehouse of Hebron, NY

Volume 99 Detroit Society for Genealogists, Winter, 1956

Descendants of Isaac and Thankful Morehouse continued.

Volume 100 Prouty

Lineage from Richard Prouty of Scituate in 1667 to Betsey b. 1780

Families: Ramsdell, Merritt, Torrey

Volume 101 Johnson (New England)

Lineage of John Johnson of Andover and miscellaneous Johnson lines

Volume 102 Johnson (Day, NY)

Lineage of David Johnson b. 1757 to Fanny b. 1840

Volume 103 Johnson (Allied Families)

Volume 104 and 105 Johnson References I and II

Volume 106 Jointer (Joiner)

Joiner and related families:

Volume 107 Woodward (Warrensburg)

Volume 108 Woodwards and Saylors

The Saylors and the Woodwards: The Early Years by Glenys Green Unruh, 1984

Volume 109 Recollections of My Early Years from Birth in 1910 to Marriage in 1932 by Glenys Grace Green Unruh, 1997

Volume 110 Woodward

From the first to the eighth generation of the Woodward family by Roll and Lemuel. Lists of births, marriages, and deaths.

Volume 111 Woodward (New England)

Woodward Lineage from Richard b. 1590 - Abigail d. 1683

Volume 113 Woodward (Allied Families)

Volume 114 Haskell

Haskell Genealogy from John b. 1722 to Leventia b. 1810

Births from Stephen b. 1763 to Albert b. 1869

Volume 115 Haskell (Allied Families)

Volume 116 Warren and Saratoga Counties - Miscellaneous Records

Includes postcards, photos, news clippings, business gazetteer, history of various churches in Warren County, assessment rolls, etc.

Volume 117 Workbook

Incomplete notes on various families, including:

Volume 118 Miscellaneous Family Notes

Volume 119 More Families

Volume 120 Edwards

Correspondence and notes concerning Edwards family, including the descendants of William Edwards, Colonist to Connecticut Colony, 1639.

Volume 121 Edwards: Allied Families

Volume 122 Paul

Families from the Paul line:

Volume 123 Braley

Braley and Associated Families:

Volume 124 Stony Creek Now and Then

Compiled by Janice M. Whipple, 1980

Volume 125 Cameron Genealogy (1746)

Compiled by James Donald Cameron, 1975

Volume 126 An Enduring Heritage: A Study of Prominent Buildings in Stony Creek Center by Jean E. Hadden, Peter J. LaGrasse and Carol W. LaGrasse, editors, 1989

Volume 127 Roots and Branches by Ruby Scribner, 1986

McPherson and Hook Roots

Volume 128 Dean, Alexander (MA and Luzerne) original

Alexander Dean of Oakham, MA & Luzerne, NY (1764-1839) and some of his descendants

Volume 129 Dean, Alexander (MA and Luzerne) revised

Alexander Dean of Oakham, MA & Luzerne, NY (1764-1839) and some of his descendants

Volume 130 The Cemeteries of Stony Creek Warren County, NY with a Special Section Pertaining to Military Veterans of Stony Creek by R. P. Sayre, Historian, 1983

Volume 131 Captain Sears Harris of Plainfield in Connecticut by Edythe L. and David C. Haskell, 1987


Volume 132 Saylor Family Letters 1896-99

Correspondence between family members in Patterson, Kansas and Warrensburg, NY. People mentioned in the letters include: Boyd Devericks, Mr. and Mrs. Harden Barrows, Bill Stewart, the Willmores and Bill Baumgartner