Schedule of Fees

Recording Fees

Deeds, Mortgages, Discharges, Assignments, Release of Mortgage, Power of Attorney, Tax Releases, etc.
Fee Cost Additional Info
Recording Fee $40.00 per document
Cover Sheet $5.00
Per Page $5.00
Each Additional Name (over 2) $0.50
Each Cross-Reference $0.50
Capital Gains Tax Affidavit (TP 584) $5.00
Real Property Transfer Report (RP 5217) $125.00 qualifying residential or farm (Box 7A,7B,7E or 7G & 8 or Prop. Class: 100-199 or 200 – 299, or 411-C)
$250.00 all other
IT-2663 No Fee

NYS Transfer Tax: $4.00 per $1000. Under $500.00 No tax.

NYS Mortgage Tax: 1 1/4% (For closing purposes:
Lender pays 1/4, borrower pays 1% or balance;
1-2 Family Deduction still applies; Exemption affidavits still apply.
Mortgage Tax Exemption Affidavit: $5.00

Filing Fees

Assumed Name in Business (DBA) & Partnership Certificates
Fee Cost Additional Info
To File a Certificate $25.00
To File an Amendment $25.00
To File a Discontinuance No Fee

Building & Loan Contract: $25.00

Certificates: $5.00
(exclusive of: court records, UCC, or real estate related)

Fee Cost Additional Info
Per page $0.65 $1.30 per page if requested and sent by mail
Certified Copies $1.25 per page/$5.00 minimum
Exemplified Copy $10.00
Federal Tax Liens
Fee Cost Additional Info
To File $40.00
For Issuing Confirmation $40.00
To Discharge $40.00

To File & Index: $10.00 (original mylar & 1 paper copy); Max. 22”x34”
Note: All maps must be reviewed by Real Property prior to filing with Clerk.

Fee Cost Additional Info
To File & Index (regular) $10.00
Mechanics Liens or Note of Lending
Fee Cost Additional Info
To File Notice $15.00
To File Affidavit of Service $5.00
To Continue, Amend, Cancel No Fee
To Discharge by Deposit into Court No Fee
Notary Fees
Fee Cost Additional Info
To File $60.00
To Issue Certificate of Appt $5.00
To Issue Certificate of Authenticity $3.00
To Notarize a Document No Fee
Fee Cost Additional Info
Oath of Office, Resignation, Notice of Vacancy, Appointment No Fee
Qualification – Certificate $5.00
Tax Releases – Estate or Transfer Tax Lien
Recording Fees apply. (See above)
Fee Cost Additional Info
Per Document $40.00
Per Page $5.00
Cover Page $5.00
UCC Filings (UCC 1, UCC 3, UCC 11)
Fee Cost Additional Info
Standard Form $40.00
UCC Copies – Per Page $1.50
UCC Search $25.00 (UCC Information Form Required)

Court Filing Fees

Civil Action Case Files (Actions of the Supreme & County Court)
Fee Cost Additional Info
Index Number $210.00
Foreclosure Case Fee (CPLR 8018(1)(a) $190.00
Note of Issue $30.00 (original + 2 copies)
RJI $95.00 (original + 2 copies)
Jury Demand $65.00 (original + 2 copies)
Notice on Appeal $65.00
File Motion $45.00 *See Note
File Cross-Motion $45.00
Stipulation of Settlement $35.00
Stipulation of Voluntary Discontinuance $35.00
Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR) $30.00
Dissolution of Marriage $5.00

Copies: 65 cents per page; Maximum Charge per Record $40.00
(single document as per OCA)

Note: When filing: Submit stapled documents, no backers.
Note: Motions: When commencing action with a motion,
order to show cause, petition, submit original and 2 complete copies
(1 copy will be returned to you with time stamp).

Fee Cost Additional Info
To File a Transcript of Judgment $10.00
To Issue a Transcript of Judgment $5.00
To File Satisfaction of Judgment, Amendment, Modification of Transcript No Fee
To Issue Certificate $5.00
To Cancel No Fee
Executions $5.00

(Income, Execution with Notice to Garnishee, Execution;
Based on Judgment on file in the Warren County Clerk’s Office;
prepared by County Clerk, original and five copies.)

Lis Pendens or Note of Attachment of Real Property
Fee Cost Additional Info
To File $35.00
To Continue or Cancel No Fee

Separation Agreements: To File: $5.00 (No Fee when filed with an Index Number)

CPLR Citations